Five Reasons Why You Should Get a Poodle

The Poodle is a very versatile dog breed which offers a lot in terms of companionship, as well as working skills. Here’s a list of some very good reasons why you should consider getting one.


Whether you are getting a standard, miniature or toy poodle, you are getting the second most intelligent dog breed in the world. This means they have an independent thought process and can learn skills such as retrieving or even dancing for treats. Poodles love to perform for an audience.

They are hardy

Poodles were bred as working dogs and as a result, are quite hardy. They do need basic care just like any other dog and aside from making sure that their coat does not get too matted, they rarely develop any doggy illnesses. The one thing you do have to make sure of is that their ears are clean.

The love humans

Poodles were such good working dogs that militaries around the world tried to utilise them as K-9s. It didn’t quite work. Poodles love people so much that they just don’t have the attention span of an Alsatian or Labrador to focus on such tasks. The only thing they love is retrieving and having fun with humans.

They are good around kids

Whether you get a poodle as a pet or as a working dog, this breed is very good with children. They are hardly ever aggressive, except in instances where they feel their owner is being threatened.

You can give them a crazy haircut

Poodles have an amazing coat which is designed to keep them dry when jumping into a lake to retrieve quarry. If you keep one as a pet, however, you can give them all sorts of incredible haircuts and you can even dye it. Poodles love being groomed, so this is no hardship on them whatsoever.

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