Hunting in Sweden

Sweden is one of the Nordic countries which is usually associated with progress and modern living. However, its history goes back thousands of years to the days of the Vikings and even earlier. Hunting was prevalent in Sweden, especially during the winter months as villagers tried to boost their diets in the lean months as the frosts, snows and ice covered the land.

As a result, hunting for wild birds remains popular even today and is regarded as being a social activity to enjoy with family and friends. Standard Poodles were originally bred to be hunting and retrieving dogs, but slowly became a status symbol for the rich. In the last 25 years, however, the dog breed has enjoyed a resurgence as being one of the most popular gun dogs around. You might not think of a white poodle being an ideal breed to be used in a snowy environment, but with doggy snowshoes, it excels.

After all, you might have spent a few hundred euros on your ITAB Outdoor outfit, so it is only fair that you keep a working dog’s feet warm too while out on the hunt. With any luck, the arctic forests will provide you with plenty of ptarmigan, grouse, capercaillie and other native birds. The Swedes are very much into the outdoors, so if you are lucky enough to participate in a communal hunt, a big fire will be set up afterwards and the quarry will be prepared and eaten in a group.

The dogs, of course, are also invited to the table and are fed as part of the group. There is something about the togetherness of a Swedish hunt and the dogs are treated exceptionally well. In such an environment, it would be impossible to spot where your quarry went down and that is why you will need the help of a gun dog.

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