Modern Gun Dogs and Hunting

If you enjoy hunting, there are plenty of expeditions you can go on in the United Kingdom and around the world, particularly in the United States, Canada and Australia.

You have to hold a hunting licence and be licenced to carry a gun, so it is sometimes better to just book a whole trip and produce your certifications, rather than taking your own weapons overseas or into the British countryside. Companies that organise such trips will also provide a guide and gun dogs to help you catch your quarry. Some hunters prefer to take their own, and one of the most sought after dog breeds for hunting is the woolly coated Standard Poodle. While these dogs are insulated from the cold, humans are not so lucky. These days it is acceptable to wear an Active Outfit rather than the old fashioned sports jackets and leather boots that were worn 50 years ago.

If you are successful on your hunt, some of the companies involved will include dinner at the end of the shoot, cooking up the day’s catch into a feast. No one goes hungry though, and they will also prepare a dish fit for a King for the dogs, which are an integral part of the hunt. Gun dogs think nothing of jumping into a freezing lake to retrieve a duck, but humans are not so keen, especially if they are hunting for sport.

This is why hunting dogs, and the Standard Poodle, in particular, are regarded as being very important. They are loyal, intelligent and, let’s face it, a hunt is not a hunt if there are no dogs involved. Some companies that offer overnight accommodation also offer overnight stays for dogs. Some provide a kennel section, while others will let your dog sleep in your room – after a good bath, of course.

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